Diana Damrau and Jonas Kaufmann, reigning stars of opera, are also consummate interpreters of song. In early 2018, with master pianist Helmut Deutsch, they performed Hugo Wolf’s multi-faceted Italienisches Liederbuch in 12 cities around Europe. “One couldn’t ask for more,” wrote the Telegraph after their London concert, which took place two days before this live recording was made in the German city of Essen.

This album is available for pre-order via Amazon.de and will be released in Germany on January 11, and on Amazon.com on January 25, 2019.

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About the Album

About the Album

Damrau’s character, sparkling and supple of tone, and fully engaged with each syllable of the text, emerged as a terrible flirt.

– The Times

Damrau, meanwhile, is on fantastically sassy form, whether calling out the fairweather boyfriend who seeks out something spicier on high days and holidays in ‘Nein, junger Herr’ or summoning almost cabaret-style loucheness and a chanteuse-like chest-voice in ‘Du denkst mit einem Fädchen’ to inform a suitor that she is indeed smitten - but not with him.

– Presto Classical

Damrau is the more keenly communicative, sketching vivid vignettes of a flirtatious girl, a jealous or boastful lover, by accentuating the rhythms of the music and detailed word-painting in the text... Wolf is unlikely to be better served in this generation.

– Financial Times

Opera stars don’t always make the best Lieder singers, but Damrau and Kaufmann are worth hearing in Wolf’s masterly collection of Heyse ’s German renderings of Tuscan rispetti and Venetian vilote (love songs) , which Deutsch has re ordered to create a dialogue between the love lorn swain (Kaufmann) and his vixenish sweetheart (Damrau).

– The Sunday Times